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Saturday, June 24, 2006

berries and flowers

Ah, berry season is here! We picked the last of the strawberries last night (boy were they hard to find!), then moved to the raspberries---and all the ripe ones had been picked that day! Kinda a bust picking-wise, but we have a few, and we'll go again to get more raspberries earlier in the day when they're not all picked out... Kinda sad we missed the strawberries---might order a flat pre-picked from a place that still advertises they have some---then we can put up some freezer jam. I'm wanting a year of strawberries where each one is an exclaimable treat ("Wow, look at this one!!") like I remember once or twice in years past... maybe next year!

On the walk home from the farmer's market today I discovered this crazy flower in a neighbors yard---he said it was some kind of lily (looks like a mutant Calla lily to me!)---luckily my sweetie was packing his camera so we captured these shots---pretty wild! If you check out the little California poppy in the first photo you can see the size of that lily---much larger than a calla! Happy Saturday!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

What a crazy lookin' flower! And it's huge too! Thanks for the picture!