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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Prom is over

It's the day after and the "princess" is snoozing upstairs in her castle :). She had a blast at dinner with 9 other couples, a terrific time at the dance and popped home to change before going camping at a friend's house with a pack of buddies. Back home at 7:30 she promptly fell asleep and is still sawing logs at almost 2:00. Looking forward to her awakening for more evening details. In the meantime, here are some photos before she left---without permission I'm just including a suggestion of her date---he arrived all dapper with a lovely corsage in hand and damp freshly showered hair. As we started shooting photos he ran out to his car to get his Mom's camera---she'd requested pics. Lucky her, he forgot the tickets to the prom so they had to zip back and pick them up, so she got to see both kids in their finery too.

This last one shows some of her goofy personality...she was boogie-ing with a friend to some music sifting out the shop door...

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~michelle~ said...

Oh thank you for sharing these pictures Jana! Your daughter is SO lovely and LOVE the dancing. And that yellow rose is gorgeous!! :-) Not surprising she needed to sleep....she needed time to "file" all those sweet memories. Congrats to you for getting through it!