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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My latest finished painting

Finished this up a bit ago---first time I've worked on Ampersand Claybord (no it's not spelled wrong!). This is their "Textured" surface which works well with watercolor. I sprayed the finished painting with a UV sealer several times (it didn't make the watercolor bleed at all :)) and then painted the blond birch wood frame with black acrylic paint (two coats of thinned fine art acrylic paint, one coat of black acrylic house paint---I like the more opaque house paint with a touch of shine). First photo shows the painting from the front, second photo shows the frame. I've been wanting to try a system that eliminates the hassles of framing with glass---think I've found it! Now to order some more in a larger size :)

1 comment:

~michelle~ said...

Oh my soul! This gorgeous!!! I love the black frame too...finishes it off nicely.