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Friday, May 19, 2006

Mother's Day, Prom, what's goin' on...

Dress shopping, (she looks like she's about to grab someone's rear...random shot!). We love this dress, it's cotton, just below knee length & can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories (denim jacket would be adorable w/flip flops, or fancy jewelry & high heeled sandals to spiff it up). She's so excited to go to prom mainly because of whom she's going with! She's been to several other formal dances, but this is the first I think that she's going with a true "crush" & the feeling is mutual :).

The flowers are from Mother's Day (along with a darling baby iPod which has become motivation to go walking!). Had fun shooting photos outside of the flowers---nice little digital camera my oldest daughter loaned me for the day. Sun is gone today tho, first threat of rain in weeks---we can use a good soaking.

Hair appt. for youngest daughter tomorrow morning, starting the prep for Prom. She's having dinner at friends cooked by another senior boy---they're all supposed to bring something to share---her date is bringing lasagna. I love the idea of high school kids doing a potluck! How cool is that? Should be fun!

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~michelle~ said...

Oh that dress is so lovely...and classic! Okay so the kids are doing a potluck and your daughter's date is making her corsage? I'd say she's in with the *right* crowd! Have fun taking pictures...can't wait to see them up!!! :-)