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Saturday, May 27, 2006

25 years strong

Here's the fella that's put up with me for over 25 years---Tuesday is our 25th anniversary, and life together is better now than ever! He's the person I'm most comfortable with, he knows me, gets me, and we connect in so many great ways---it's so terrific to be married to my best friend! He played too much this past week so is spending most of the weekend working and catching up. I'm trying to figure how to honor our 25 years...what to give him that's not just a token gift but something that shows the love we've shared for so long. With him out in the shop working I can try and create something that would be easy to tuck away when I hear him come inside (which he does a lot, heating water for tea, getting a snack, needing some connectivity...). Toying with a small mini album, but being a procrastinator, not sure I can pull it off in less than 3 days. I'll see what photos I can find---wonder if we have a shot from each anniversary...time to start my research. Happy Memorial weekend!

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Michelle said...

Wow! Congratulations Jana! 25 years is really something to be SO proud of! My husband and I just celebrated 22 years last March. Tough work sometimes, huh? But I find when it's "work," that's when I grow and our love grows. Hope you find/found a way to honor your day! Maybe a scrapbook page or jar full of "25 reasons why I love you" notes?