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Thursday, April 20, 2006

What inspires you?

Ok, this question was posted on another blog, and I just had to start making a list of what inspires me! Think about it for a few minutes, and let me know what inspires you---maybe some of the things you list will become inspiration to others too :)
Here's my list:

I'm easily inspired :),

*clouds---I love painting clouds, capturing their many faces
*seeing artwork I love, whether in a gallery, online, at friend's studios...
*my friends Scott and Lisa, they always seem to be just finishing up a home project, teaching project, woodworking project, or something that is so cool!
*other artists---photographers, fine artists, scrapbook artists...
*books stores
*oak trees
*lighting---the glow of an evening; brightly lit trees with dark purple rain clouds behind; tree shadows falling on a sparkling stream; warm lamp lighting on a childs face reading...
*traveling---seeing new things, places, architecture, people...
*unique shops
*greeting cards
*art galleries
*the beach
*texture---old brick walls, multi-layers of peeling paint with flashes of different colors, mossy concrete...
*notebooks and journals
*new art supplies
*a finished painting
*people watching
*reading journaling on scrapbook pages
*connecting with my husband and children

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